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Eduard Paul Enoiu



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I am a researcher at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden, primarily affiliated with the Software Testing Laboratory and the Formal Modelling and Analysis groups at the department of Networked and Embedded Systems. A native of Bucharest, I earned an Engineer's degree from Polytechnic University of Bucharest in 2009 and a PhD from Mälardalen University in 2016.

My research interests span software engineering and empirical research, especially how to test, maintain, evolve and assure high-quality software systems. I teach automated testing and model-based testing at the masters and PhD levels as well as to industrial practitioners. Currently I am doing research on a diverse array of topics in software development, including the role of automatic test generation (where tests are intelligently and algorithmically created) in industrial practice; the use of model checking for engineering better systems; the nature of creating efficient and effective tests; the cognitive aspects of software testing.

I live in Västerås with my wife and two jolly dandie dinmont terrier dogs.

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