Big data och molntjänster för industriella tillämpningar

  • Högskolepoäng 5  hp
  • Utbildningsnivå Avancerad nivå
  • Studieort Distans med obligatoriska träffar i Eskilstuna
  • Kurskod PPU440
  • Huvudområde Produkt- och processutveckling

Designed specifically for manufacturing sector professionals, our Big Data and Cloud Computing for Industrial Applications course gives you knowledge and insights in handling and processing data in the cloud environment.

About the course
This course will provide you with knowledge and insights in handling and processing data in the cloud environment and an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages it has in comparison with alternative solutions. The course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand what conditions that are required for virtually processing, storing and analyzing data. The course also gives you basic knowledge about methods and tools for data analysis from a production and a logistic perspective.

The course contains lectures, project work, assignments and laboratory sessions where you get knowledge of various applications of cloud technology and management of Big Data in the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing industry collects increasingly large volumes of big data, that is, data at high speed, generated from a wide range of sources in different formats and quality levels. But what is data without insight? This course will help you master the fundamental concepts of big data, cloud computing and smart decision-making for industrial analytics.

About the course

Designed specifically for manufacturing sector professionals, this course provides knowledge and insights in handling and processing big data, using machine learning and data analytics in a cloud environment. You will learn machine learning-based solutions for industrial applications, such as smart decision-making and predictive maintenance, using state of the art cloud platform tools.

The topics covered include cloud computing principles and cloud services, big data management, data analytics principles, and machine learning principles and techniques for big data.

Kursblad Visualization of industrial applications

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What you will learn

  • Demonstrate the ability to practically and theoretically translate knowledge within cloud services for applications in production, logistics and product development.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use machine learning systems in a manufacturing or production environment.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing and the most important driving forces and obstacles for using cloud computing in the manufacturing sector. You will also be able to describe and explain the different services that can be offered by different cloud platforms.
  • The basic principles of machine learning and big data. You will also be able to describe and understand the most important prerequisites and challenges for usingbig data and machine learning within the manufacturing sector.
  • Be able to describe the high-level design decisions and machine learning pipelines for building production machine learning systems, and concepts of scalable machine learning models.
  • Understand and use suitable tools for analysis of manufacturing data and explain results obtained from them.

Entry requirements

40 credits in Engineering/Technology and at least 2 years’ experience in full-time employment in a relevant area within industry. In addition English course A/English course 6 is required.

You can also apply for the course and get your eligibility evaluated based on knowledge acquired in other ways, such as work experience, other studies etc.

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Tillfällen för denna kurs

Hösttermin 2021

  • Hösttermin 2021


    5 hp


    2021-11-08 - 2022-01-16 (deltid 33%)


    Avancerad nivå


    Fristående kurs








    Antal obligatoriska träffar inklusive tentamen: 5
    Antal övriga fysiska träffar: 0

    Särskild behörighet

    40 hp inom teknik samt minst 2 års yrkeserfarenhet på heltid från relevant område inom industrin.
    Dessutom krävs Svenska B/Svenska 3 samt Engelska A/Engelska 6. I de fall kursen ges på engelska görs undantag från kravet på Svenska B/Svenska.


    Yrkeslivserfarenhet/antal högskolepoäng

    De obligatoriska träffarna sker i Eskilstuna.

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