MDH has developed a number of courses aimed at enabling the business and public sector to quickly offer their employees new competence.

Further training and competence development

Further Training and Competence Development

The list of future challenges can be made long; technology development, digitization, globalization, sustainable growth, demographic development, integration, gender equality, the climate, etc.

MDH has developed a number of courses aimed for professionals working in the private or public sector to quickly gain new competence.

The courses are developed in collaboration with a large number of companies and/or public enterprises based on actual competence challenges and needs.

The course content is directly applicable to your work and are based on both scientific basis and proven experience from the private and public sector.


Smart Production

MDH offers courses for professionals working in the industrial sector and who are interested in Industry 4.0. Through collaboration with industry groups and companies, the content of the courses are directly transferable to your operations.

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Preschool and School

MDH offers courses and other forms of education for professionals working in preschool and schools. A number of courses are offered on behalf of the Swedish National Agency for Education.

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Environment and Energy

MDH offers online courses for professionals in the Environment and Energy Sector. The courses are also suitable for students who wish to immerse themselves in the area.

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AI and software development

MDH offers online courses at master's level. The courses are flexible in time and space to enable you to combined studies with your professional life.

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Finance and Marketing

MDH offers a course concept that makes it easier for you to combine studies and work with finance and marketing. The courses will give you 1.5 and 3 education credits and can be started at any time during the year.

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