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Register and publish in Diva

As a researcher at MDU you must register all your publications in Diva. If you have publications from previous employments you should register these as well.

Why do I have to register my publications in Diva?

  • The visibility of your publication will be enhanced since it will be searchable in e.g. SwePub and Google Scholar.
  • The information is used for the University’s internal allocation of funding for example, and also for national research assessments.
  • You can produce a list of publications for your CV.
  • You can automatically update your personal MDU webpage with your latest publications.

Wait with registering your publication in Diva until it has been published (exceptions are made for subsections of compilation theses). Do not register unpublished oral presentations, nor conference papers where you have no details about where/how the paper has been published. Do check as well that the publication does not already exist, to avoid it being registered twice.

You may choose to register by yourself or let the library help you.

Get help from the library with registering in Diva

The library offers help to researchers at MDU with registering publications. Fill in the form and attach documents such as articles, books, links, proceedings and reports etc., and the University Library will register your publication for you. You may also send in your material in an internal post envelope. Mark the envelope “Västerås/Biblioteket/Forskarservice”

Fill out the form so that the library can register your publication External link.

What can be registered in Diva?

  • Research -, conference reports and scholarly articles,
  • Reviews, newspaper articles and popular science publications.
  • The material must have been published and have a DOI, have a URL or be a physical publication. Therefore we do not registrate publications with the status of "submitted", "in press", "Epub before print" etc.
  • For conference publications we need you to report the publication’s ISBN/ISSN, if possible. Documentation of the conference (e.g. proceedings) must be provided in print or electronically.

Register in Diva by yourself

You may also choose to register your publication by yourself. Here’s where you do it:

Register your publication in Diva External link.

Have you any questions?

Get in touch with the Library’s research service at biblioteket.forskarservice@mdh.se

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