Mälardalens Högskola Logga
Mälardalens Högskola Logga


Rules for your comfort

So that the University Library can be a place where everybody is happy it is important that visitors abide by the rules of conduct.

  • Work environment. The library is a workplace for students, teachers, researchers and the Library staff. Bear in mind this work environment and show consideration. Speak with a quiet voice so as not to disturb.
  • Mobile phones. Mobile phones may be used with discrimination but remember to set the phone in silent mode.
  • Food. It is permitted to bring simple snacks with you such as fruit, sweets and drinks. If you wish to eat lunch you are advised to go to the student kitchenettes in the University.
  • Environment. Tidy up after you and throw away your litter. The Library has stations for recycling of paper for example.
  • Computers. The Library’s computers may be used by people above 18 years old. They are to be used for work in connection with your education or to search for information.
  • Collections. It is not permitted to collect money or name lists in the Library.
  • Putting up posters. It is not permitted to put up posters in the Library.
  • Disciplinary measures. People who cause disturbances in the Library are liable to be suspended in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Higher Education Ordinance.
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