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Erasmus+ scholarship for exchange studies in Europe

As a student at MDH you have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for your exchange studies in Europe within the frame of the Erasmus+ programme.

  • If you have been granted an exchange place through an Erasmus+ agreement you can apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship for studies. The scholarship is a grant to cover extra costs in connection with the stay abroad, but it does not cover everything. To be granted an Erasmus+ scholarship there are also certain conditions which must be fulfilled:
  • You must not have been on Erasmus/Erasmus+ studies or placement for more than 12 months altogether at the same level of studies, including the study period for which you are applying for a scholarship.
  • You must have studied at a university/university college (full-time studies) for at least one year by the time of your departure.
  • You must have been promised full recognition by MDH of your studies at the host university on your return.
  • You may not pay fees to the host university.
  • The period of study must be at least three and at most twelve months of full-time studies.
  • You do not receive a scholarship from another EU organ or the Swedish Council for Higher Education in connection with your applying for an Erasmus+ scholarship.
  • You must be domiciled in the host country during your period of study.
  • a Learning Agreement must be completed before mobility begins.
  • You need to do a language test before and after the mobility as required for Erasmus+ students. The link is automatically sent to the Erasmus+ scholars.
  • On completion of the mobility you need to reply to the report that is sent out electronically.
  • By period of mobility is meant the time the student physically spends in the host country. Studies conducted by distance may not be included in the mobility period.

If you receive an Erasmus+ scholarship without fulfilling the conditions you run the risk of being liable to repay the grant.


Where can I go?

The countries within the Erasmus+ agreement are:

  • All countries in the EU and also Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia and Turkey
  • ”Outermost regions”: The Canary Islands, Madeira, the Azores, Mayotte, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Réunion, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy
  • The countries and territories in the EU’s list of ”Overseas countries and territories” External link.


Compulsory language test

Erasmus+ scholars need to do a web-based language test before departing and once more on return, according to requirements from the EU Commission. The test is a measurement that compares language skills before and after an Erasmus+ exchange period. Once the test has been completed there is an opportunity to do a free web-based course in the language in question.


Size of the scholarship

The scholarship is a grant to cover some of the costs in connection with the stay abroad, but it does not cover everything. The size of the scholarship varies from year to year. The grant is calculated on the basis of a daily amount that is the same for all students travelling from Swedish HEIs.

  • For programme countries with high costs of living, such as Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, the UK, the size of the grant is 460€/month or 15,3€/day
  • For programme countries with medium-high and low costs of living, such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, and Austria the size of the scholarship is 400 €/month or 13,3 €/day


Mor information

For more information, please contact your international coordinator.

School of Business, Society and Engineering, EST est-international@mdh.se

School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, HVV hvv-international@mdh.se

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, IDT idt-international@mdh.se

School of Education, Culture and Communication, UKK ukk-international@mdh.se

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