As a student at MDH there are opportunities for studies abroad.

Study abroad

Study abroad

Look around the world. As a student at MDH there are opportunities for studies abroad. This means that you can do a semester or an academic year abroad at an HEI (higher education institution) with which MDH has an exchange agreement. You can also apply for a study place abroad by yourself. Take the chance of getting new experiences and learning more about other cultures. The fact that you will develop as a person is a further valuable bonus.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers about the corona virus for those planning to travel abroad in the autumn semester 2020.

Questions and answers

Due to the current situation, the application period for remaining exchange places spring semester 2021 is postponed until after the summer. New dates have not yet been decided but the application period may be outside the semester periods. Please visit our website to take part of the updates.


Exchange studies

Studying for a period abroad is a fantastic chance to increase your understanding of the cultures of other countries and at the same time trying out a new academic environment. Your School can help you with most things when it comes to exchange studies. They can answer general questions but they also have knowledge of more specific questions such as the choice of courses and credit transfers. The University also arranges information meetings where you can meet other students who have already studied abroad and can tell you about their experiences.

Where can I go?

MDH has around 120 partner universities around the world, but where you can go depends on what you’re reading and when you apply. For more information please contact the international coordinator at your School.

When do applications open?

The application period for remaining places spring semester 2021is open 10-17 of August. For questions about specific partner universities or advice before applying please contact the international coordinator at your School.

In connection to the application period two information sessions will be held via Zoom.

You join the meeting by clicking on the respective link at the scheduled meeting time.

Important dates for remaining places spring semester 2021

17 August 2020

Last day to apply. Online application closes. Please note that you must email the PDF that´s created when you have submitted your application to the international coordinator at your School by exchangeout@mdh.se

Incomplete application and/or late application will not be considered.

28 August 2020

Notice of nomination will be published in the application portal.

4 september 2020

Last day to reply to your offer.

Please note that the offer of nominations is published in the application portal. To keep your place you must reply to your offer.


Available places spring semester 2021

List of available placesPDF.


Who may apply for exchange studies?

All registered full-time students may apply for an exchange place if the criteria below are fulfilled. Exchange studies always relate to full-time studies at the HEI abroad for at least one semester and at most one academic year.

To be able apply for exchange studies you must:

  • be a registered full-time student at MDH on the final date for application
  • have successfully taken at least 30 HE credits at MDH
  • have obtained at least 75 percent of the credits for the courses on which you have been registered at MDH up to and including the semester prior to the final application date.
  • fulfil the language requirements.

Before commencement of the exchange studies you must:

  • be registered at MDH in the semester immediately preceding the exchange semester.
  • have successfully taken at least 60 HE credits at MDH
  • have pass grades in the specific language requirements that the receiving HEI requires, e.g. TOEFL test for ISEP exchange.

The minimum requirements for language skills regarding studies abroad are:

  • in English, normally no further requirements above the general entry requirements for higher education studies
  • a TOEFL test is required if you are applying for an exchange place through ISEP
  • in French, Spanish and German, a pass grade on at least 15 HE credits is required. Please note that beginners’ and basic courses in these courses do not give eligibility
  • in other languages, an assessment is made on the basis of the regulations that apply to French, Spanish and German.

Worth noting is that most of the University’s partner universities offer courses where tuition is given in English even if this is not the official language of the country. At the same time they offer language courses for beginners in the country’s home language.

Selection criteria for exchange studies

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, a selection is made based on credit increments.

A person’s second choice can never outcompete someone’s first choice. If you cannot get your first choice you have the chance instead of your second or third choice. If you have experienced or previously been offered mobility you are placed in a separate selection group which is offered nomination after everyone else and subject to availability.

If there is competition for the places the following system of points is used:


20 points. If you have been involved in the Student Union’s international activities at MDH.

HE credits

  • 10 points. If you have 30.5 – 45 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.
  • 20 points. If you have 45.5 – 60 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.
  • 30 points. If you have 60.5 – 75 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.
  • 40 points. If you have 75.5 – 90 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.
  • 50 points. If you have at least 90.5 HE credits at MDH on the final application date.

Completed courses as a percentage

  • 20 points. If you have obtained, by the final application date, between 80% and 90% of the credits for all the courses registered on at MDH up to and including the previous semester.
  • 30 points. If you have obtained, by the final application date, more than 90 % of the credits for all the courses registered on at MDH up to and including the previous semester.

In case of equal points, selection is made by lot.

What happens if I’m offered a place?

  • If you are offered a place you will need to accept the offer.
  • You will receive information on how the application process works at the overseas HEI, fill in the application and send it to the partner university (in good time before the deadline).
  • You write a learning agreement together with your international coordinator.
  • When the recipient university has received your application you will receive an admission decision and information letter of welcome.
  • If you are applying for a place outside Europe you must submit an application for a visa and enclose a copy of the admission decision. It is your responsibility to contact the Embassy.

“My time abroad has given me new perspectives of what quality is”

Lina Sundström

Student at the Special Educational Needs programme at MDH

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Exchange programmes in which MDH participates

MDH participates in several different exchange programmes.


As a student at MDH you have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for your exchange studies in Europe within the frame of the Erasmus+ programme.

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Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme where Swedish universities cooperate with universities in low- and medium-income countries.

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MFS - Minor Field Studies

Minor Field Studies, MFS, is a Sida-funded scholarship programme in developing countries.

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Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ exchange programme for students and teachers in the Nordic countries.

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Student exchanges between universities in the whole world

Take the chance to study at an English-speaking university in some other part of the world. The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) arranges exchanges with e.g. the USA, Argentina, Korea, Japan, South Africa and Australia.

International Student Exchange Program

Studying abroad by yourself

The University has agreements with a number of partner universities around the world. If your School cannot offer you a place you would like, you can apply for a study place abroad by yourself.

When you are applying by yourself for a place at a university in another country and wish to have the credits from these studies transferred to your Swedish degree, it is often called in English Study Abroad. One or two semesters is the usual length. These studies do not lead to a degree at the overseas university.


Find out where you want to go

If you don’t already know what university you want to apply to, start with searching for information, for example via a search engine on the web, to get an idea of different universities and arrive at where you would like to apply. When you want more precise information and application documents from a certain university, you can then contact them directly with your enquiry, unless you go through an agent, who in this case will act as an intermediary.


Practical preparations

Even if you choose yourself to study at a university abroad you can have the credits for these studies transferred to your Swedish study programme. For this you are required to have your courses at the overseas university approved by your School at MDH. Get in touch with your School before you leave


Support to participants with disabilities

For participants in exchange programmes who need educational support or special adaptations during the period abroad, there is an opportunity to apply for additional funding for extra costs that may arise in connection with transport, teaching material, assistants/companions and accommodation.

It is MDH that applies for this allowance. Before applying you need to discuss your individual need for student support together with the Coordinator for Educational Support at the Student Centre, and the international coordinator at your School.



Marie Bergman



More information

For more information about exchange studies, please contact your international coordinator.

School of Business, Society and Engineering, EST est-international@mdh.se

School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, HVV hvv-international@mdh.se

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, IDT idt-international@mdh.se

School of Education, Culture and Communication, UKK ukk-international@mdh.se