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Good to know when you get back home

When you return you will be expected to inform other students about the experiences of your study period abroad.

This could be by participating in one of the information meetings about studies abroad that the University arranges, or taking part in a short interview.

Credit transfer your studies abroad

When you are back in Sweden it can be a good idea to get the credits for your courses transferred as soon as possible. Your studies abroad are credit transferred once your studies are completed and when you have received your written grades issued by the overseas university.

Your studies abroad are credit transferred after you have submitted the following documents to your international coordinator:

  • Certificate of enrolment/grades, in an attested (signed) copy. Original copies must be shown on request.
  • The course codes of the courses, names in the original language and English.
  • Course descriptions/syllabuses, including literature lists.
  • Your own description of the course content, ca 75–100 words.
  • The scope of the course (total amount of teaching hours, e.g. 30 hours).
  • The course’s share of the semester’s full-time studies.
  • The level of the course in terms of 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd -year studies.
  • Your own assessment of the amount of credits the course covers according to the Swedish system.

Dowload Forms

More information information

For more information, please contact your international coordinator:

School of Business, Society and Engineering, EST est-international@mdh.se

School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, HVV hvv-international@mdh.se

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, IDT idt-international@mdh.se

School of Education, Culture and Communication, UKK ukk-international@mdh.se

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