nom forskningsprofilen Språk- och litteraturvetenskap samt ämnenas didaktik (SOLD) finns såväl ett ämnesorienterat som ett didaktiskt perspektiv på språk- och litteraturvetenskap.

Språk- och litteraturvetenskap samt ämnenas didaktik

Children and young people at school and in society

The research of the BUSS profile takes its point of departure in a holistic perspective of how children and young people encounter preschool and compulsory school.

The research conducted has a focus on education and teaching in preschool and school. Current research deals with language environments, reading and writing development, mathematics, digital tools, transitions, parental collaboration, social relationships and sustainable development. The researchers also study how preschool, preschool class and compulsory school, with regard to special educational needs and preschool educational perspectives, support and challenge children with different abilities and experiences. Further, the implications of teaching for the youngest children in preschool, as well as the professions’ encounters in actual practice, are studied.

Collaboration locally and regionally

The research is interdisciplinary and practice-oriented. Collaboration nationally and internationally is central for the researchers in BUSS. There is also a strong ambition to engage in well-developed collaboration and co-production with local and regional actors.

Over the last few years, the BUSS research group has been awarded funding for research projects, and has among other things participated, and participates in, research projects funded for example by the Swedish Research Council, Vinnova (the Swedish Innovation Agency) and the Mälardalen Skills Centre for Learning (MKL). This has enabled the members of the group to conduct highly qualified research and publish it both nationally and internationally to a relatively great extent.

In cooperation with the Early Childhood Education Group and the Special Needs Education Group, BUSS arranges research seminars, doctoral student seminars and open lectures.

More information about the research milieu

For more information about the research milieu, please contact the Scientific leader.


Eva Ärlemalm-Hagsér