Smart Logistics

  • Credits 5 credits
  • Study location Eskilstuna
  • $stringTranslations.StartDate 2022-03-28 - 2022-06-05 (part time 33%)
  • Education ordinance Second cycle
  • Course code PPU462
  • Main area Product and Process Development
  • Application code: MDH-14116

Are you working with logistics in the manufacturing industry? Then this is a course for you!

The course is specially designed for those who work with logistics in the manufacturing industry and it will give you an increased understanding of how to design smart logistics systems. You will get to analyse your company's logistics system and with the help of various Industry 4.0 technologies you will identify possible ways to improve the logistics system of your own company.

The course is mainly online, with 1-2 mandatory physical meetings in Eskilstuna.

You will learn how to

  • Record the impact of the material and information flow on the performance of the production system at manufacturing companies.

  • Analyse the limitations and improvement opportunities of the material and information flow at manufacturing companies.

  • Analyse the effects of Industry 4.0 technologies on the material and information flow at manufacturing companies.

  • Demonstrate the ability to improve the flow of materials and information using Industry 4.0 technologies at manufacturing companies.

  • Demonstrate the ability to search for and apply literature in the field.

Specific entry requirements

40 higher education credits in Engineering and Technology and at least 2 years of professional or vocational experience full time from relevant areas within industry. In addition, English A/English 6 is required.

If you do not meet the formal entry requirements, you can have your eligibility assessed on knowledge and competence that you have received in other ways, such as professional experience, other studies, etc. Read more in the Information about the application section.


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Paulina Myrelid



Course syllabus

You can read in detail about the course, it's content and literature and so on in the course syllabus

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Apply to the course

Smart Logistics

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Information about the application

After you have registered, you may need to supplement your application with documents to prove your eligibility. Most Swedish academic qualifications are automatically retrieved. Wait a few days after submitting your application – if your academic qualifications still don't appear on Mina Sidor (My Pages), you can upload them. If you have foreign qualifications, you need to upload a copy of them onto antagning.se.

Some courses require professional or vocational experience. If the course you are applying for has a professional or vocational experience requirement, you must upload an employment certificate which has been signed by your employer. Templates for an employment certificate can be found below that you can use if you wish.

No academic qualifications?

The course requires that you have carried out previous academic studies. If you do not have a qualification but have professional or vocational experience in the field, you can be judged on what is called prior learning. This means that an assessment of both formal qualifications (grade, degree certificate) and professional or vocational experience is conducted. The assessment is done to determine if you have knowledge that meets the entry requirements for the course. If you believe that you have the skills required for the course, you should fill in a CV/Description of your skills, a template can be found below. It should include:

  • Courses and study programmes
  • Relevant and current professional experience
  • Knowledge of English
  • Other things you want to refer to

Remember to give a brief description of your work duties, not just a title.

You will also need a signed employment certificate from your employer, a template to download can be found below.

Download template for CV/skills description Word, 30 kB.

Download template for employment certificate Word, 19.3 kB.

If you have any questions about your application, you are welcome to contact us by emailing lifelonglearning@mdh.se


The course is part of the Premium project where Mälardalen University (MDU) offers courses aimed at giving the industry the skills required for sustainable and smart production.

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