Internet of Things for Manufacturing Industry

  • Credits 5 credits
  • Study location Eskilstuna
  • $stringTranslations.StartDate 2020-08-31 - 2020-11-08 (part time 33%)
  • Education ordinance Second cycle
  • Course code PPU450
  • Main area Product and Process Development

Please note that applications are closed for this course for the duration of autumn semester 2020.

In this course, you will gain insight in components and technologies included in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Designed specifically for manufacturing sector professionals, the course provides knowledge about the infrastructure, the technologies and requirements needed to generate, transport and manage data in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system which is one of the main building blocks towards digitalization and smart factories.

The course is held in a combination of online and physical lectures at the MDH campus in Eskilstuna. It includes project work, laboratory exercises and assignments where the student gets knowledge of different applications of IIoT in the manufacturing industry.

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Course content

  • Smart Automation and Smart sensors (e.g. RFID sensor technologies).
  • IoT communication technologies (e.g. Ethernet, Wifi, ZigBee, BLE, LoRa, 5G).
  • Cloud computing and Digital Twins.
  • IoT and industrial protocols (e.g. OPC UA, MQTT).
  • Industrial safety and security standards (e.g., CENELEC EN 50128, ISO/IEC 15408).
  • Industrial monitoring and surveillance applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (e.g. SCADA, PSIM).
  • IoT programming using Node-RED (no prior knowledge in programming is needed).

What you will learn

  • Different IIoT systems and their role in future smart factories.· How different sensor types can be used in the manufacturing industry and know the characteristics of each type.· Dependability-related aspects of data communication and appropriate measures against security threats.
  • How to apply the IIoT technologies in monitoring, production, logistics and product development.
  • Use of cloud computing and describe the most important driving forces and obstacles for using cloud computing in the manufacturing industry.
  • Communication technologies and their possibilities, limitations and expected role in the development of IIoT.

Entry requirements

40 credits in Engineering/Technology and at least 2 years’ experience in full-time employment in a relevant area within industry.
In addition English course A/English course 6 is required.

You can also apply for the course and get your eligibility evaluated based on knowledge acquired in other ways, such as work experience, other studies etc.

Course syllabus

You can read in detail about the course, it's content and literature and so on in the course syllabus

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Internet of Things for the manufacturing industry

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