Introduction to sustainable energy system

  • Credits 7.5  credits
  • Education ordinance First cycle
  • Study location Västerås
  • Course code ERA217
  • Main area Energy Engineering

Environmental pollution and limited fossil fuel reserves are major concerns on the use of conventional energy sources. These concerns have shifted the agenda of several countries around the world to invest on sustainable energy systems. Sustainable energy systems use energy resources that are economically, politically, socially, and environmentally viable. Among sustainable energy systems, renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source in several countries in the world. In some countries, renewable energies have already reached the status of grid parity. The purpose of the course is to provide knowledge about challenges, barriers, and opportunities in the development of sustainable energy systems to meet national and international sustainability goals. The course will cover topics such as principles of converting solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy and bioenergy, into electricity and heat. The course will also introduce you to aspects related to the environmental impacts of energy systems and analysis of sustainable energy systems on micro and macro level.

Occasions for this course

Autumn semester 2021

  • Autumn semester 2021


    7.5 credits


    2021-08-30 - 2021-11-07 (part time 50%)

    Education ordinance

    First cycle

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    Course syllabus & literature

    See course plan and literature list (ERA217)

    Specific requirements

    75 credits of completed courser within an engineering program or within engineering which includes the courses Applied Thermodynamics 7,5 credits, Mechanics of Fluids 7,5 credits and Heat and Mass Transfer 7,5 credits, or similar.


    University credits

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Senior Lecturer

Pietro Campana



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