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AJ, Oj, Halloj – injuries, accidents or suggestions for improvements

In the student portal you will find a system for reporting called Aj, Oj, Halloj.

  • Aj: If as a student you injure yourself during your studies you can file a report about the injury. A work injury relates to a physical or mental injury or that you have fallen ill on account of your studies or study conditions. It can also mean that you have been injured on the way to or from the University.
  • Oj: An Oj occurrence means that a physical or mental incident has occurred, for example an accident in which no-one was injured but which could have led to an injury. Occurrences due to psychosocial factors such as lack of respect between students, can also be regarded as incidents.
  • Halloj: Here you can come with suggestions for improvement that could develop MDU as a study- and workplace.

Make a report in the student portal External link.

More information

At the University there is a work environment and environment coordinator
who you can contact if you have opinions about the study- and work environment at MDU.

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