Industrial Economics and Management

The research group for studies in democracy, power and citizenship (DEM)

The research group has broad subject expertise comprising political science, social work, sociology and ecological economics. There is close cooperation with society, thus being able to disseminate new knowledge where it can be of use.


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Worldwide migration, disputed globalisation and populist counter-movements raise new questions of democracy, power and citizenship. Established theories are put to the test and need to be reviewed, supplemented and replaced by others. The DEM group’s research focuses on these challenges.

Ongoing research projects

The effects of massification in higher education has been debated heatedly throughout the past years. Since the early 1990s, the number of students in Sweden has doubled and university teachers have become increasingly worried about the academic preparedness of students. At the same time, the government has not matched the increase in students with corresponding resources. This implies a fundamental challenge for individual teachers in higher education, their mental health, and consequently, the conditions to maintain quality of higher education.

Project manager at MDH: Jörgen Ödalen

Global climate change is likely to become a major cause of future migration. Small Island States are particularly vulnerable since territorial destruction caused by sea level rise poses a threat to their entire existence. This raises important issues concerning state sovereignty and self-determination. This project investigates both theoretical and empirical issues related to this problem.

Project manager at MDH: Jörgen Ödalen

I Sverige, såväl som i andra europeiska länder, förs diskussioner om kommunernas framtid. En av de viktigaste frågorna i debatten är om det behövs kommunsammanslagningar utformade för att uppnå en optimal struktur av den lokala nivån. Ofta fokuserar dessa dock bara på hur funktionell effektivitet ska uppnås. I detta projekt diskuteras ett antal alternativa sätt att se på det lokala självstyrets värden som går utöver detta snäva fokus på funktionell effektivitet.

Project manager at MDH: Jörgen Ödalen

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