Normcritical perspectives in the research into social vulnerability

The group conducts research into different forms of social vulnerability, for example financial vulnerability, violence and extremism.




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The group has normcritical perspectives as an analytical point of departure, and in focus are questions of how different forms of vulnerability, inequality and skewed resource allocation are reproduced and how preventive measures work. The research conducted has different focuses, for example:

  • studies of society’s action and support to victims of violence
  • the social services’ preventive measures against violence for people with disabilities
  • society’s organisation and efforts for newly-arrived young people
  • ethnicity and gender in dealing with honour-related violence
  • gender, masculinity and health in forensic psychiatric care
  • gender, age and ethnicity in society’s action and support to heavy debtors.

Ongoing research projects

Syftet med projektet är att studera hälsofrämjande insatser för att minska stillasittande livsstil hos målgruppen.

Project manager at MDH: Anne Söderlund

Main financing: Cancerfonden

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