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IFAISTOS - Intelligent electroFuel production for An Integrated STOrage System

The main objective of IFAISTOS is to make the Power-to-gas technology a viable solution for long-term storage.



Planned completion


Main financing

ERA-NET (Energimyndigheten)

Collaboration partners

University of Parma (Italy), Mälardalen University (Sweden), Siram Veolia (Italy), Flowocean (Sweden)

Project manager at MDH


Konstantinos Kyprianidis



Synthetic fuels have the potential for a substantial contribution to sustainable mobility, providing also the possibility to store (even seasonal) surplus electric energy. A broad interest in power-to-gas has begun to grow (especially in Europe) in recent years, driven by the increasing share of wind and solar power. Indeed, this technology is considered a long-term solution for renewable electricity surplus storage through gas production. The PtG technology represents a link between the power and gas grids.

Project objectives

  • integrated, by recycling carbon dioxide and exploiting renewable electrical energy
  • intelligent, by providing flexibility and efficiency through its optimal management
  • interoperable, by bridging electrical energy grid with natural gas networks and transport sector
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