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Mälardalen Interaction and Didactics (MIND)

MIND (Mälardalen INteraction and Didactics) research group investigates discursive and interactional practices embedded in teaching and learning activities. Our research aims to enhance the quality of teaching and teacher education by sustaining collaboration between Mälardalen University and its partner schools in the region. The close collaboration is based on conducting research in classrooms and beyond where both teacher candidates and tutors become a part of the research.


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We investigate pedagogical interactions and practices by focusing on audio, audio-visual, and digital data with a micro-analytic perspective (e.g. using discursive methodologies like multimodal Conversation Analysis) and with a broader, ethnographic understanding.

Our research focuses on:

  • analyses of video-recorded classroom interactions as well as interactions in other mediated learning settings
  • analyses of reflection and feedback sessions that come from critical reflections and training sessions
  • analyses of annotated interaction data and video-tagged observations
  • analysis of emerging written and spoken databases and corpora

Interdisciplinary activities aimed at research and teaching staff:

  • conversation Analysis data sessions
  • data sessions with various forms of classroom interaction analyses
  • software training for micro-analysis and audio-visual data management
  • research methodology training
  • various forms of dissemination events for postgraduate students, researchers, mentors, and teachers
  • video Enhanced Observation tag-set development sessions with teachers

Ongoing research projects

Recent research has shown that reflection and feedback practices in teacher education should be data-led, and audio-visual, digital tools should be incorporated into teacher education programs for effective reflective practices.

Project manager at MDH: Olcay Sert

Main financing: The Social Contract MKL

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