During your studies

Here you will find practical information about your studies. For example information about your first time as a new student, what kind of IT service is available, the student centre where you can turn around for all your questions, and much more.


Welcome to Mälardalen University!

Aug 20, 2019We are very happy to welcome you as a new student at the University. On these pages you will find practical information that will help you get a smooth start.

Please note: Registering for programmes and courses can be done once you have arrived.

IT Service

Jan 21, 2019Get started with your student account and student e-mail.

Study Abroad

Jul 05, 2017As a student at Mälardalen University you have the opportunity to spend a part of your studies abroad. This is a fantastic chance to broaden your views and not least to widen your experience and your knowledge. Many employers look positively on experience abroad.

Degree certificates

Jun 24, 2019Degree certificates are issued by the Division of Admissions and Degrees at Mälardalen University.


Jun 15, 2017MDH students are attractive on the labour market. According to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, as many as 81 percent of MDH students find a job within their area of expertise within one year after their degree. This we achieve through high-quality education and close cooperation with the community.