Master’s programme in Caring Science and Nursing, 120 credits

Today’s complex health care puts high demands on the skills of nurses. As a student on the Master’s programme you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the Caring Sciences and of scientific methodology. You will also acquire increased knowledge of how several professions in many different areas of knowledge work together within the field of health and welfare.

The programme

The programme is based on the nurse’s core competences and professional areas of responsibility as well as on a holistic view of people in need of care. Throughout the entire life cycle the patient and family are in focus in a caring context. Equality and accessibility are emphasised in a person-centred and cooperative approach with regard to relations between caregivers, patient and family as well as within the surrounding community.

You will be studying Caring Sciences with specialisation in Nursing against the background of the broader area of health and welfare. Issues concerning equality and participation, professional knowledge and development as well as creativity and innovation are in focus. You will also develop your understanding of leadership, groups and organisations as well as evidence-based praxis and evaluation. The programme is given in English and you will read the courses in Health and Welfare together with students from other Master’s programmes and research studies. The programme runs for two years but may be completed after one year with a Master’s degree of 60 credits.

Future and jobs

You will acquire knowledge which will considerably improve your skills and current or future work within the national and international health and welfare sector. You will be able to work as a manager, with care development or investigative assignments. You will also receive good preparation for research studies. Good knowledge within this sector will also constitute a key factor in all future careers concerning the promotion of health and wellbeing.