Master's programme in Software Engineering, 120 credits

The growth and influence of software in business and our daily lives have been phenomenal. Software engineering deals with design and development of high quality software systems and hence it is an increasingly important area in computer science. In this programme you will gain extensive knowledge and practical skills in software engineering.

The Programme

In this programme you will acquire profound knowledge and excellent expertise in engineering software-intensive systems, which imply the ability to cope with complexity in designing, verifying and implementing such systems globally. You will obtain knowledge of principles for the analysis, design and implementation of large and complex software systems with special emphasis on predictability and performance. The modern trends that will dominate future software development including component-based software engineering, service-oriented architectures, interoperability and global system development will be taught. You will be provided with the know-how necessary for working successfully in a global context, with an opportunity to specialize in specific areas of software engineering, such as dependability or component- and model-based development.
The programme is based on four different tracks: industrial, research, general and international tracks. The industrial track involves guest lectures and thesis projects related to partner industries, whereas the research track provides enhanced exposure to state-of-the-art research topics. In the international track, you have the opportunity to study the second year’s courses at one of our partner universities in Europe and obtain a double degree ( 
Students from the program have for several years done exceptionally well in different software engineering competitions. At ICSE, the highest ranked software engineering conference in the world, four of the ten teams in the 2009 final were from Mälardalen University, including the winning team. In 2011, two teams from Mälardalen University reached the finals in Hawaii, out of which one team ended up in second place. In 2013 in San Francisco, Mälardalen University again won the contest and proved the high quality of our Software Engineering education.

Employment and Future Prospects

The Master's programme in Software Engineering provides you with advanced knowledge concerning the development of high quality software systems, which is essential for software architects, project leaders, and technical specialists especially within a global development context. The extensive research elements in the programme provide you a headstart for an academic research career as well. After your studies you will be able to work nationally or internationally as a software architect, developer or project manager in industry or as an academic researcher.