“The programme prepared me for an international enviroment”

Peachadatorn Prampipat “Vicky” studied masters programme in International Marketing at Mälardalen University (MDH) in 2014/2015. Currently, she´s working at CPF (Charoen Pokphand Foods) as a department manager.



Vicky is a member of Global Swede network with holding an ambassador position to represent Sweden and MDH to her country Thailand.

She is happy with her MDH education.

-  International marketing is an interesting area nowadays since people from all over the world  have different needs. All companies regarding their size are trying to build brands that are recognized across the globe. It is possible for the business to target global audiences using a consistence marketing mix like Apple did but it is also necessary to understand the regional or local difference, hence the importance of international marketing. In order to be successful globally, organizations must accept that differences in values, customs, languages, currencies, behaviors and try to adapt their products or services to match with those demand as well as there being global markets. Customers are the key for the business success or failure therefore the international marketing is the vital area to study.

Currently she´s working at CPF (Charoen Pokphand Foods) as a department manager in oversea marketing department which taking care of the frozen processed poultry in Scandinavia, USA, Canada and Australia market.

- The program is very useful for me in my professional career; it has prepared me both practical and theoretical knowledge. Especially an understanding and strategy in doing business in an international environment as well as different kinds of marketing knowledge and techniques that can be applied in my job responsibilities especially in Scandinavian market. Coming from Asia, it was quite a challenge since most of my classmates are from the European Union. There are a lot of differences in term of culture, language, attitudes and etc. To my pleasant surprise, I found myself learning, not only about Sweden but as well as about my new friends ‘cultures. While trying to actively learn about Sweden and also shared new ideas from Thai culture with my class fellows and teachers to bring a view on different horizons. Moreover, I can easily adapt to work in the team from different countries. 

In the future Vicky´s goal is to start her own company.

- Currently, I’m trying to gain experience as much as I could from my present job. But I’m planning to start my own business within 5 years and of course it would be some business with the co-ordination between Thailand and Swedish market.