“Perfect choice for sculpturing my business mind internationally”

Musika Yusi was recently a student at the one year master´s programme in International Marketing at Mälardalen University. Today she is working in both Beijing and Gothenburg as the Founder & CEO of Vasa Games.


After finishing her Business Administration Bachelor and entered the Chamber music department for studying violin major, she felt a desire to know how to improve business in different countries/markets for different industries including music industry by understanding more about each countries’ cultures, languages, sociology, history, religion, geographic and ethnicities. She wanted to be able to predict the consuming preference and behaviours and then bring the right products to the right market.

– International Marketing is the perfect choice for sculpturing my business mind internationally and enlarge my knowledge and skills. It is a very useful and practical programme for international students who are interested in marketing products internationally or working internationally or want more knowledge worldwide. This programme will help students understand more different cultures, minds, and preference, improve their marketing skills based on the production-driven thinking, make international friends easier, and teach them the way of finding solution actively and independently for every problem.

Today Musika is working in both Beijing and Gothenburg as the Founder & CEO of Vasa Games which is an international mobile game publisher.

– We have our headquarter in Beijing, a branch studio in Gothenburg in construction, and a business centre in Montreal. As the CEO of the company, I play many roles everyday, such as deciding the direction of the game design for adapting different markets, publishing plans for different countries, language localization and culturalization, recruiting talents worldwide, managing the team and the schedule of each project, etc.

What about the future, any goals?

– To run Vasa Games in a long term and eventually launch it into the stock market like NYSE. For this goal, I’ll open more branches in different countries for enhancing our capabilities worldwide as a game publisher.