”One of the best years of my life”

Samu Watanen from Helsinki in Finland, chose to study Master´s programme in International Marketing at Mälardalen University because of his interest in sales marketing. Today he´s working as a product and sales manager in a company offering digital advertising solutions for advertisers in Finland.



– After working some years in the marketing communications industry in Finland, I felt like I still wanted to challenge myself a bit more and expand my mind and knowledge further, so I applied to the International marketing programme. It also felt like a natural continuation to my working career so far. I chose to apply to Sweden because I was interested in the neighboring country's culture. Interest in Sweden's educational system grew once I got started with the studies.

Samu wasn't really sure what to expect from the International marketing programme but he still feel it exceeded his expectations.

– As I was hoping, it really expanded my mind and my way of thinking about my work but also the world and life in general. I got new ideas to my work, as well as to my life. The lecturers were superb and the courses really interesting, the whole programme was planned very well. I also gained friendships that most likely will last for life. One of the best years of my life!

Today Samu is working as a product and sales manager.

– My job includes sales of the services and taking responsibility of the productization of the services, that is, developing the services and converting them into products that can be easily purchased by the customers. After having several years of working experience from the market before attending the programme I can't really say that the programme ”prepared” me to these tasks per se, but it did open my views on how to develop things in my work, it gave me new perspectives to my future outlooks and prepared me for advancing in my career in the future.

Samu avoid making too precise plans regarding his future.

–  Then I might miss something important when focusing on just certain things or goals so I rather keep myself open to all things that might come along. But I can say that in the future I do intend to utilize my professional experience and education somehow and use it to something useful. As I said, I'm interested in seeing how things can be improved and made better in the fields of sales and marketing.