International Business Management, 180 credits

The International Business Management programme is for those who want a career in the ever so increasingly global and international world of business and who want to study in English together with students from all over the world. The programme focuses on business administration with an in-depth focus on management issues, and prepares you for a job as a manager, salesperson or to starting your own business in a globalized business world.

The Programme

As an international business manager you plan, organise, delegate and control activities in global organisations and businesses. International business managers focus on coordinating activities leading to achieving company goals, taking into account cultural differences and regional governmental situations. Communication, analytical ability, problem solving and an innovative approach are central skills for an international manager. Considering that the impact of globalisation and cross-cultural international activities are evident in all business areas and market contexts, this programme holds a great career potential.

The studies focus on business administration with an in-depth focus on management with an international perspective. The learning activities include as well traditional lectures, as active participation in exercises, academic writing, presentations and discussions in seminars to process and create understanding. During your studies you will continuously develop your personal skills concerning oral and written presentations, creative problem solving, entrepreneurship and team work, as well as critical thinking, information search and assessments of relevant business research. Close contacts with society, teachers and other students are essential during the programme. You create your network for future business life already during your study years. It is strongly encouraged that you participate in one of the exchange programmes offered to study at a university in another country. This gives you the opportunity to develop your intercultural competence and language skills.

Employment and Future Prospects

The broad scope of the curriculum serves to provide an educational basis for managers of small and medium sized multinational enterprises. You are also prepared for a career in large corporations as well as public or non-profit organizations. The International Business Management programme provides both theoretical and practical skills and tools that combined are essential for you to pursue a career in multinational enterprises as well as entrepreneurial ventures in an international context.

As an international business manager you can, among other things, work as a manager, project manager, marketing manager, purchaser, sales person or start your own business, and you are prepared for a career in an international market.