Intervjuer med studenter och alumner

Ta del av intervjuer med studenter och alumner. Intervjuerna är på engelska.


— The reward from a successful completion of the programme from Mälardalen University far exceeds the time, financial, intellectual, and physical investments you would make. I can assure you that the quality of education at Mälardalen University cannot be underestimated.

Alumni Peterson Owusu Junior. 

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— The part I find most exciting about my job is the diversity in knowledge that I need in order to excel at my tasks. As a member of the Investor Risk team I am involved with almost all other departments in the asset management company to some degree. By providing me with the opportunity to use many different areas of my education I am in no danger of feeling like my knowledge or talents are pigeonholed into one narrow field of the asset management business

Alumni David Brown

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— I have learnt a lot of things and have managed to combine getting a high-quality education and a great student life and can really recommend my education here to other students.  

Student Amirhossein Heydarizadeh.

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— I find that I learn valuable things from every course and that I get to combine theory and practice. I can also use my knowledge in IT, since we work a lot with quantitative computer-based methods of financial analysis. Another plus is that as a student you can choose your area of specialization, says Kinda.

Student Kinda Sumlaji

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