Lifelong learning

Technological developments, digitalisation and globalisation that are taking place today place new demands on both employers and employees. Our ability to adapt and develop will be crucial for our continued success.

To meet future challenges MDH has developed a number of courses designed to quickly give knowledge, and these courses are all adapted to be able to be combined with working life. The courses have been developed in cooperation with a large number of companies who have been involved in shaping them on the basis of their needs.

The focus lies in their flexibility and that the knowledge will be directly applicable to the companies’ operations. At the same time the participants will gain insight into what is happening on the research front, and what new technologies and methods of working lie ahead.  

If you do not have the academic qualifications that is required for each course, you may have knowledge and competence that make it possible for you to be qualified for the courses.

Environmental and Energy Engineering





Applied AI



Software- and Computer- Systems Engineering






Production Engineering









Mälardalen University conducts excellent research in Future Energy and the Embedded Systems specialisation and prominent research in the technological and engineering specialisations in Innovation and Product Realisation.

Future Energy Center

Embedded Systems

Innovation and Product Realisation

Collaborate with us at MDH

Mälardalen University (MDH) has been in close cooperation with companies, organisations and the public sector for 40 years, which gives us a unique competence and experience. Our close cooperation with the private and public sectors enables us at MDH to help people feel better and the earth to last longer.