Science, research methods and scientific papers, with focus on Computer Science

The course aims to give students an introduction to the concepts and issues of science theory, as well as a basic knowledge of research methods in science and technology, especially computer science. Students become acquainted with the scientific language by reading and summarising a number of scientific papers. Information retrieval and a source- critical attitude are practiced when writing the scientific article that is written and presented during the course. The students develop their analytical skills and critical thinking as they review and oppose others’ articles.

About the course

Course modules:

  1. Science theory. What is science and what is not? The scientific method for creating knowledge.
  2. Research methodology in science and technology. Research methodology for computer science.
  3. Scientific writing. Reading and summarising scientific papers. Searching scientific papers. Writing and presentation of a scientific paper.

Overview of the video lectures (with questions)

Course Introduction (1 video)
1. Theory of Science
  • Theory of Science (7 videos)
  • Sociology of Science (1 video)
2. Research methodology
  • Overview (1 video)
  • Examples (5 videos)
  • Deductive Methods and Proofs (8 videos)
  • Measurement-based Research Methods in Computer Engineering (3 videos)
  • Research Methods for Software Engineering (1 video)
  • Research methods for Interactive Systems (3 videos)
3. Scientific writing
  • Paper Writing and Publication (4 videos)
  • References, Search, Databases, Use of library (2 videos)
  • Paper Reviewing (1 video)
  • How to Present a Paper (1 video)
  • Mandatory assignments
Assignment 1: Describe and analyse one case of pseudoscience.
Assignment 2: Describe and analyse one case study in science history.
Assignment 3: Review a journal paper.
Assignment 4: Write a scientific paper.
Assignment 5: Review other student’s scientific papers. Done in groups of three to six students.
Assignment 5: Presentation of a scientific paper at a Mini Conference.
Assignment 5: Opposition of scientific papers at the Mini Conference.
This course has one mandatory seminar (the Mini Conference).
Lecturers Jan Gustafsson, Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Hans Hansson, Abhilash Thekkilakattil, Wasif Afzal, Björn Lisper, Mats Björkman, Ylva Fernaeus, Lina Andrén.

Learning outcomes

The student will, after course completion, be able to:
  • know and use central concepts and issues in science theory
  • know the criteria for pseudoscience
  • be familiar with reading, summarising and reviewing scientific papers
  • know some important research methods in computer science
  • write a scientific paper (based on own work or information found in scientific papers or similar), relate the paper to science theory and research methods, and present the paper
  • oppose others’ presentations
  • practice a critical approach to knowledge, science and research

Course Syllabus

For Course Syllabus use course code DVA470 in the  search field


Jan Gustafsson

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The course is included in the Prompt project, which is partly funded by the Knowledge Foundation. You can find more information about Prompt here .