Safety critical software

The purpose is to give the students an overview of issues and methods for development and assurance of safety-critical software, including details of selected technologies, methods and tools.

About the course

Course modules:

  1. Introduction to functional safety; knowledge that give increased understanding of the relationship between Embedded systems / safety-critical system / accidents / complexity / development models (development lifecycle models) / certification / “the safety case”.
  2. Analysis and modelling methods; review of analysis and modelling techniques for the development of safety-critical systems.
  3. Verification and validation of safety critical software, methods and activities to perform verification and validation
  4. Architectures for safety critical systems. Safety as a design constraint

Learning outcomes

The student should after course completion be able to:
  • be well aware of key issues, tools and methods used for development of safety-critical software
  • be able to apply selected tools and methods for development and quality assurance of safety-critical software
  • have demonstrated ability to document the safety assurance work
  • have acquired an ability to adopt scientific advances within the area

Related industrial challenges addressed in the course

  • How to increase the knowledge and general enhancement of safety cultures in development of safety critical systems
  • How to clarifying the structure and scope of assurance activites in development of safety critical systems
  • How to increasing the knowledge of responsibilities, morals and ethics in development of safety critical systems
  • How to increase the competence and skills of personell to increase flexibility and qualification in role appointments for development of safety critical systems

Course Syllabus

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Kaj Hänninen

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The course is included in the Prompt project, which is partly funded by the Knowledge Foundation. You can find more information about Prompt here .