Quality assurance – Model based testing in practice

This course deals with model-based testing, a class of technologies shown to be effective and efficient in assessing the quality and correctness of large software systems. Throughout the course the participants will learn how to design and use model-based testing tools, how to create realistic models and how to use these models to automate the testing process in their organisation.

About the course

Course modules:
  1. Fundamentals of Model-based Testing: basic model-based testing terminology; what model-based testing is; finite state machines; how to select your tests using models; making these tests executable.
  2. Model-driven Testing: creating models from industrial code; automating test design; model-checking and searching through large models to find suitable tests; test automation; executing model-based tests.
  3. Using Coverage Criteria in Model-based Testing: practical ways to search the input space thoroughly; graph-based coverage criteria; logic-based coverage criteria; how to provide traceability from code to tests; make regression testing easier;
  4. How to use Model-based Testing in Practice: tools for model-based testing; test management, choosing the model-based criteria to use and deciding how much automation is needed; test maintenance using model-based testing; test documentation in model-based testing.

Learning outcomes

After this course students should be able to:

  • have knowledge about models and understand model-based testing.
  • develop practical skills and abilities on applying model-based testing in industrial practice.
  • to test software using model-based testing in structured, organised ways.

Related industrial challenges addressed in the course

In industry, software testing is an essential and very consuming activity in the process of engineering software. Model-based testing is a promising technology that tackles challenges related to test design, test selection and test execution.

Course Syllabus

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The course is included in the Prompt project, which is partly funded by the Knowledge Foundation. You can find more information about Prompt here .