Evidence-based Process Improvement

The purpose of this course is to learn to initiate and conduct software process improvement using an evidence-based approach. The focus is on agile/lean practices and quality in software development organisations. Those that participate in the course will gain knowledge on the steps for process improvement. This includes the steps involved from identifying areas of potential improvement, proposing new ways of working, and analysing and reporting the results. Participants will also get an understanding of the methods and tools for measuring, evaluating and feedback processes and process improvements.

About the course

The course is given by Blekinge Institute of Technology.

The course comprises four main themes:
  1. Introduction to software processes and software quality.
  2. Software process measurement and assessment (including an introduction to evidence-based.
  3. Change management, human factors, success factors.
  4. Practical use/implementation of software process measurement and assessment for process improvement purposes.

Learning outcomes

The student should after course completion be able to:
  • Describe and discuss various software processes and software quality.
  • Explain and discuss software process measurement and assessment approaches.
  • Explain and discuss the importance of following an evidence-based approach during process improvement.
  • Apply an evidence-based process improvement approach, and discuss challenges and best practices.
  • Critically reflect on own experiences with software processes and software quality.
  • Critically analyse reports on process improvements from academia and industry.

Related industrial challenges addressed in the course

A continuous development of processes, methods and tools for software development force the industry to continuously change and adapt their “ways-of-working”. Such changes and adaptations are often ad-hoc and rarely evaluated systematically, which often leads to suboptimisation and/or high costs. The industry therefore needs knowledge and tools to systematically plan, measure and evaluate the results of those changes and adaptations.


Fabian Fagerholm, Blekinge Institute of Technology
+46 455 38 58 23



The course is included in the Prompt project, which is partly funded by the Knowledge Foundation. You can find more information about Prompt here .