Industry 4.0 - Introduction

Designed specifically for manufacturing sector professionals, our Industry 4.0 - Introduction course provides an understanding of how an industry 4.0 system can be build up and operated.

About the course

This course will provide you with basic knowledge of industry 4.0. The course will provide you with insight and understanding of the 4th Industrial revolution and how it will impact on the industry and humans. The aim is also to give you a conceptual understanding of how an industry 4.0 system can be built up and run, as well as an overall understanding of which technologies can be included.
The course includes the following parts:
  • Introduction to Industry 4.0.
  • Introduction to the main technologies in Industry 4.0. 
  • The economic drivers for implementing Industry 4.0 technology. 
  • The production and development engineer's role in development of future production system.
  • The impact of digitization on industry and human beings.

Course Syllabus

For Course Syllabus use course code PPU213 in the search field


Filip Flankegård
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The course is included in the Premium project, which is partly funded by the Knowledge Foundation. You can find more information about Premium  here.