Ambient Air Quality Management

In this course you will learn about the most common air pollutants and their emission. You will learn how to monitor, assess and model the distribution of air pollution, and how to control emissions from motor vehicles and stationary sources.


 About this course

The purpose of the course is to give you enhanced knowledge about all aspects related to a modern functional air quality management system.

The course takes an elevated view on the subject, addressing aspects like: sources of air pollution, methods for air quality monitoring and modelling, organization of AQM strategy and policy frameworks in Sweden and elsewhere, standards and regulations, and enforcement.

When you graduate from this course you will be able to contribute to the development and management of AQM systems.

The course will benefit: scientific officers at various levels in both public and private sector, environmental engineers and consultants in fields like air quality investigations, environmental impact assessments, permits and certification, and regulation.

Course Syllabus

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Patrik Klintenberg, Senior lecturer in Environmental Engineering

+46 21 10 31 95



The course is included in the FutureE project, which is partly funded by the Knowledge Foundation. You can find more information about FutureE here.