Engelska 2 Språk i arbetslivet

  • 15.0 hp
  • Grundnivå (G1F)
  • Huvudområde: Engelska
  • Akademin för utbildning, kultur och kommunikation
  • Kurskod: ENA201

In this course you'll live and work for an extended period in the English-speaking world, and use your time there to build both your language skills and your awareness of contemporary English-speaking society and culture. The course begins with introductory sessions aimed at helping you identify opportunities for living and working in the English-speaking world. You'll get help with writing an application letter and resumé, preparing for interviews, and organizing the practical aspects of life abroad, (but the responsibility for finding employment and accommodation is yours). Then you'll spend a period of several weeks living and working in an English-speaking country. During your stay you'll stay in touch with the course via a group blog, and will have structured help in gathering the information you'll need to write up your assessment work. By the end of the course you'll have gained hands-on experience of using English for work and for recreation, and will have a deepened understanding of one part of the English-speaking world, and of how to investigate and write up a small research project.

Vårterminen 2019, Ortsoberoende, vecka 4 - 13