Projekt i intelligenta inbyggda system

  • Högskolepoäng 15  hp
  • Utbildningsnivå Avancerad nivå
  • Studieort Västerås
  • Kurskod DVA435
  • Huvudområde Datavetenskap

At the beginning of the course, in each project a description of a relevant problem is given. In conjunction with one or perhaps two companies (although purely in-house academic projects can occur, backed up by a company). The project, in association with the company (-ies) draw up a definite requirements specification. The work will be divided into smaller parts, and a plan for the work has to be developed which will also include a simple risk assessment. The work to be carried out, according to their plan, and final report, which describes the design, implementation, testing procedures and analysis of results against established goals and requirements. A final prototype or similar together with a full report will be handed in.

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Vårtermin 2021

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