Regression Test Selection and Software Fault Prediction

  • 2.5 credits
  • Second cycle (A1N)
  • Main area: Computer Science
  • School of Innovation, Design and Engineering
  • Course code: DVA448

Changes to software under test are unavoidable.  Such changes and their side effects must be well tested, without re-running all tests. Moreover, in general, testing cost is well known, therefore faults must be detected early by focusing testing efforts on fault-prone parts. 
The participants in the course will learn about regression test selection and software fault prediction techniques.
Effective regression test selection techniques will reduce cost of implementing modifications to software under test. Software fault prediction part of the course is about focusing test efforts on more fault-prone parts of the software where maximum return on investing test resources can be achieved.  Overall, this course is about using techniques that make software testing more efficient and effective. 
This is a course at advanced level for those with University credits as well as documented work experience. In connection with the application submit an employer’s certificate confirming your work experience.
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Autumn semester 2017, Ortsoberoende, week 35 - 02