Applied cybersecurity

  • 5.0 credits
  • Second cycle (A1N)
  • Main area: Computer Science
  • School of Innovation, Design and Engineering
  • Course code: DVA446

The web is emerging as a powerful application platform. While bringing unparalleled possibilities for collaboration unhampered by physical location or device choice, the distributed, always-online nature of a web application leaves it open for attack. Using the most common web application and web service vulnerabilities as the setting, this course teaches how to identify, analyze and protect against attacks. Many of the attacks discussed in the course are instances of universal attack classes, where other instances have similar attack vectors and protection mechanisms. 

This is a course at advanced level for those with University credits and work experience. It is developed to suit professionals who need to be able to combine work and studies.
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Autumn semester 2019, Ortsoberoende, week 36 - 3