Course syllabus - Calculus III 7.5 credits

Differential- och integralkalkyl III

Course code: MMA128
Valid from: Autumn semester13
Level of education: First cycle
Subject: Mathematics
Main Field(s) of Study: Mathematics/Applied Mathematics,
In-Depth Level: G1F (First cycle, has less than 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements),
School: UKK
Ratification date: 2013-02-01

Specific entry requirements

Calculus II, 7,5 credits or equivalent.


Exercises and tests (INL1), 2.5 credits, marks Pass (G), Exercises and tests

Written and/or oral examination (TEN1), 5 credits, marks 3, 4 or 5

A student who has a certificate from MDH regarding a disability has the opportunity to submit a request for supportive measures during written examinations or other forms of examination, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for Examinations at First-cycle and Second-cycle Level at Mälardalen University (2016/0601). It is the examiner who takes decisions on any supportive measures, based on what kind of certificate is issued, and in that case which measures are to be applied.

Suspicions of attempting to deceive in examinations (cheating) are reported to the Vice-Chancellor, in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, and are examined by the University’s Disciplinary Board. If the Disciplinary Board considers the student to be guilty of a disciplinary offence, the Board will take a decision on disciplinary action, which will be a warning or suspension.

Rules and regulations for examinations



Course literature is preliminary until 3 weeks before the course starts. Literature may be valid over several terms.

Valid from: Autumn semester13

Decision date: 2013-07-18

Last update: 2013-07-18


Stewart, James;

Calculus : early transcendentals

ISBN: 0-538-49887-0 (hbk) LIBRIS-ID: 12448003

XXVIII, 1170, 146 p.

NOT: Även upplagorna 5e och 6e duger som kursböcker.