Combine elite sports with studies

If you are an elite sportsperson you have the opportunity, during your period of study at MDH, of adapted studies, reduction of your study tempo and individual planning of studies.

Together with your study adviser for the study programme or course you are reading, you will set up a plan for how you will be able to educate yourself at the same time as you are practising sports.

To obtain the opportunity of adapted studies on account of elite sports, your sport must be included on one of the Swedish Sports Confederation’s (RF’s) 71 special sports confederations (SF). You must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Individual elite sportspersons competing on at least national championship level and/or in national teams.
  • Elite team sportspersons playing in one of the two highest national leagues/divisions, provided that there are at least four leagues/divisions in that sport; otherwise the highest national league/division applies.
  • A coach for an individual active elite sportsperson, elite team, national team manager as well as a national coach and national referee.

The first step is to submit an application to your sports association, who will in turn certify that you fulfil one of the criteria described above. When the form has been returned to you, you should contact Caroline Sandberg, the Central Study Adviser.

Application form to be sent in to your sports association:

Application form to be sent in to your sports association

Please note that the application form is in Swedish. Let your association help you to fill it in.


If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Caroline Sandberg, the Central Study Adviser.

Telephone: 016-1532 13