Prior learning

What is prior learning?

Prior learning is a broader view of previous knowledge. If you don’t fulfil the entry requirements through formal merits, e.g. completed upper secondary school education, but consider yourself to have acquired your prior knowledge in some other way, you can apply to have your prior learning assessed at Mälardalen University. You may have acquired your prior learning, i.e. your amassed knowledge and merits, in many different ways, for example from working life, voluntary associations, lengthy stays abroad, completed staff training or other courses etc.


How is your prior learning assessed?

Based on the documents and material you enclose with your application, the University will make an overall assessment of your ability to complete the course or study programme you have applied for. This does not mean that we lower the knowledge requirements stipulated for eligibility; instead you must show that you have knowledge equivalent to that required but in another way. The assessment of how you fulfil the entry requirements through prior learning is made on the basis of the documentation you submit, along with how you motivate your knowledge and skills.


This is how you apply for prior learning:

  1. Apply for the course/study programme.
  2. Fill in the form .
  3. Write a personal letter in which you describe in detail what knowledge/experience/skills you consider yourself to have that meet the entry requirements for the course/study programme applied for.
  4. Try as far as possible to verify your information with testimonials, certificates or other relevant documentation that shows your prior learning within a certain area.
  5. The form, your personal letter and any certificates are to be uploaded on My Pages no later than the closing date for application.


Closing date for applications

Please note that it is not possible to apply for prior learning with a late application.


When will I be notified of the results?

You will get to know whether you have been granted prior learning or not through your Notification of selection results. We will not be able to give you a notification in advance. If your application is found not to be eligible, you may appeal against the decision. You will find information on your Notification of selection results about how to appeal.


Compete for a study place 

If the number of eligible applicants exceed the number of study places on a course or programme, the applicants will have to compete for at place in a selection based on their merit rating. Please not that a recognition of prior learning for eligibility does not give you a merit rating. If you are applying for a course or programme at the Bachelor’s (first-cycle) level in the national admissions round, we recommend that you do the Scholastic Aptitude Test to get a merit rating.