Application procedure Academic Year 2020/2021

If you are applying for a bachelor or master programme use the online application at

Before making your application be sure to check the eligibility requirements for each programme.


About the online application

When applying for programmes and courses you must list your choices by priority order. The programme/course you are most interested in should be your choice number one.

You can only be admitted to ONE programme/course on full-time studies.
If you are admitted to a programme or course all other alternatives with a lower priority will be deleted, regardless of university.

Make sure you have filled out the online application correctly and send in all supporting documents in time. Please note that incomplete applications are not accepted and that the application fee must be paid before the application is being processed.

During the review period, your application will remain as requirements not fulfilled until the process has been completed. We ask for your patience during this process. If you are assessed not eligible you will receive a message on your notification of selection in March.