Academic information

As a foreign student, different options are available at Mälardalen University depending on the degree level you would like to study.

You can study with us as an exchange student and as a course or a degree student.

Academic culture

Relations between students and teachers may seem informal to foreign students. Students are encouraged to ask questions both inside and outside the classroom. The lectures often contain discussion around chosen topics rather than teacher provided speeches.

You may if you desire entitle your teacher with Mr/Mrs and his/her last name however it is common practice a more equal approach between teachers and students, such as adressing eachother on first name basis. This does not in any way imply that teachers will accept anything but your best performance in class and during examinations.

Students enjoy a large measure of independence and are expected to do a substantial amount of work on their own initiative. This approach is demanding and you must be prepared to take a good deal of responsibility for your own studies. In return you develop for example your planning skills, and your ability to determine which parts of all the knowledge that is most essential. These abilities are typically highly appreciated by employers, and will be of use for you for the rest of your life.