About the School

The School of Education, Culture and Communication brings together languages, literature, chamber music, the science of education, special needs education, mathematics and physics, which all contribute to its breadth and depth.


The School ties together the competence in didactics that we have at Mälardalen University and is based on the university’s excellent teacher education. The combined forces of the School are directed at building strong research environments in pedagogy and educational theory.

The newly established Didaktik-akademi represents an overarching research strategy and connects several of the research environments within the School. Furthermore, strong environments for research are found within the Finnish Language and Culture Center and Ecocritical Literary Studies.

The strong research environments also include Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Engineering Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Processes and Mathematical Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Analysis, Algebra, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical modelling, Applied Optimization), which naturally cooperates with researchers within other disciplines of the natural sciences, engineering, life sciences and social sciences.