Cooperation for value and benefit

Together with the public sector and the private sector in Mälardalen, UKK is developing research for value and benefit to society, as well as education that is based on a scientific foundation.

We believe in cooperation that will be beneficial both for the region and for the University. This can concern research projects or CPD (continuing professional development) in the form of for example contract education courses. But we also attach great value to cooperation with working life within the framework of our courses and study programmes.

We have gathered together cooperation regarding school development, teacher education and research in the educational sciences within the framework of the Mälardalen Skills Centre for Learning (MKL) . Research and education is also carried out at the School in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics in cooperation with banks and companies, among others. 

We work with different forms of cooperation, for example trade associations, combined jobs, placement and research-based school development projects. Our researchers are often engaged as lecturers or for evaluation commissions. Many of the doctoral students in Didactics are so-called municipal doctoral students and divide their time between research studies and work in the region's preschools and schools.

For more information please contact:

Anette Sandberg   Director of Research (Educational Sciences)

Sergei Silvestrov  Director of Research/Research Leader (Mathematics), research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MTM)

Vacant - Coordinator of third-cycle studies (Didactics)

Cecilia Vestman , Coordinator for External Cooperation