Sergei Silvestrov

I am Professor in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. I am also the research scientific leader for Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University.

About me



I obtained a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree in Mathematics at Umeå University in 1996 under the supervision  of Professor Hans Wallin with the PhD thesis on the relationship between the dynamical and iterated function systems and non-commutative families of bounded and unbounded operators in Hilbert spaces with various commutation properties. After two years at the Royal Institute of Technology as junior researcher and then two years as a STINT postdoctoral fellow in USA, I have returned to Sweden as senior lecturer in Mathematics at Engineering Faculty (LTH), Lund University in 2000. Soon after in 2002, I became Docent at Lund University, Engineering Faculty (LTH), Lund University.

Since May 2011, I am employed at a position of Full Professor at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden.

During 2012-2015, I have served as the subject representative (Ämnesföreträdare in Swedish) for the subject and research education subject Mathematics/Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University. 

Since 2014, I have duties as the research scientific leader for the research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MAM) at Mälardalen University .  

From 1996 to April 2017, I have supervised 14 graduate students at the research level to either a Ph.D. or to Swedish Licentiate degree including 10 graduate students to Ph.D in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Umeå University (1), Lund University (5), Mälardalen University (Vasteras) (4)), 3 graduate students to Swedish Licentiate degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University and 1 graduate student to Swedish Licentiate degree in Mathematical Physics ( Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm).

I am a member of Editorial Boards for the following international journals:

International Electronic Journal of Algebra


Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

Applied Mathematics

International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences

Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences

Journal for Algebra and Number Theory Academia

Algebras, Groups and Geometries

Hadronic Journal

Past editorial board memberships:

Journal of Function Spaces  (till 2017)

Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences (till 2017)

Fractal and Fractional (till 2017)

Waves, Wavelets and Fractals  (till 2018)


Some networks projects

SNAG Swedish Network in Alegebra and Geometry

I am one of the founders and a member of the organising committee of the network

​​​-  Swedish Network for Mathematics in Industry (  

I am a member of the Executive board of the network, the coordinator of the Mälardalen University node, and representative of in European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Inovation EU-MATHS-IN

FUSION Erasmus Mundus project , network for cooperation between Asia (8 countries) and Europe (8 countries). (2013-2018)

I was coordinator of the Mälardalen University node in FUSION

NordForsk research network Operator Algebra and Dynamics  (2009-2012)

I was the coordinator of the joint Lund University and Mälardalen University node for OAD Nordforsk Network

- AGMP (Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics Baltic-Nordic network) 2002-2009. Transformed into ASTRALGO Science Information Media (SIM) since 2010. I am a memeber of the International  Editorial and Advisory Board for Mathematics at ASTRALGO SIM

The AGMP network was founded in 2002. I was one of the co-founders and co-chairman of the AGMP network untill aproximately 2009. Then I was the coordinator of the joint Lund University and Mälardalen University node and member of scientific advisory board of the AGMP network. I took active part in organising and/or scientific committees of the events organized by the network and as co-editor of some of the major network publications. 




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