In my capacity as a librettist and opera director I have led two artistic projects at Mälardalen University. These projects, joint with composer Jonas Sjöstrand and the chamber music department, have consisted of the creation and production of new chamber operas in Västerås concert hall.

Operan önskeklappen
  • Krypto CEG (2005) showed how the Swedish mathematician Arne Beurling used his genius for code-breaking for the Swedish military intelligence during WW II. The main character Beurling was sung by Joa Helgesson, now a successful professional singer. ( Libretto in Swedish with English translation (pdf 74 kB) .)
  • Önskeklappen ("The Cristmas Wish", 2009) is an original christmas tale about how three fairy tale creatures - Santa Claus, the Good Fairy and the Genie in the Bottle - try to help some children finding out what it is their mother wants for christmas. A collaboration with Fryx music school. ( Libretto in Swedish with English translation (pdf 130 kB) .)