About me - Dmitrii Silvestrov

Graduated from Kiev University (1968, Mathematics), Candidate of Science [PhD], (1969, Mathematical Statistics), Doctor of Science (1972, Mathematical Statistics). Awarded the Prize of the Moscow Mathematical Society (1973) and the Ukrainian Ostrovsky Prize (1977) for work on stochastic processes.

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer (1970-1974), Professor (1974-1992, Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics) and Head of the Statistical Research Centre (1980-1990) at Kiev University. Guest scientist at Umeå University (1991-1992), Senior lecturer at Luleå University of Technology (1992-1994) and at Umeå University (1994-1999). Visiting professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1993) and the University of Turku (1998). Professor at the Mälardalen University from 1999 and Stockholm University from 2009.

Member of the editorial boards of the journals "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics" and "Theory of Stochastic Processes", Co-ordinator of the EU Tacis-Tempus Projects "Statistical Aspects of Economics" (1998-2001), "Improvement of Education in Statistical Applications in Economics" (2002-2004), "Training Centre for Actuaries and Financial Analysts" (2005-2008), and "Educational Measurements Adapted to EU Standards" (2009-2011). Member of the International Statistical Institute, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Swedish Statistical Assosiation, and Swedish Mathematical Society.

The main areas of research are Stochastic processes, Actuarial and financial mathematics, Mathematical modelling of stochastic systems, and Statistical software. Author of 9 books and more than 130 research papers. Supervised 18 doctoral students who subsequently obtained PhD degrees.