Andreas Ryve

Andreas Ryve is Professor of Mathematics Education and the Director of the research group M-TERM (Mälardalen Team of Educational Researchers in Mathematics).

My research is focused on mathematics teacher education, curriculum programs and classroom practices in Sweden and Finland, development of analytical approaches for studying whole-class interaction and theoretical elaborations on the concept of discourse. In addition, during the last couple of years I am deeply engaged in establishing and theorizing high-quality instruction at scale. I am currently the principal investigator for three encompassing research projects:


  • Count on Västerås. Large-scale research and development project aiming at improving mathematics classroom practices.

  • Theorizing teacher use of curriculum resources in classroom practices.

  • Futures curriculum programs in mathematics. The project aims at developing curriculum programs that support mathematics teachers to plan and establish high-quality mathematics instruction.


I have collaborated and written articles together with researchers from University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Stockholm University, and Örebro University. In particular, I have had a close collaboration with Umeå University through my position as a Visiting Professor (2012-2015) and with University of Östfold. I supervise Andreas Bergwall, Malin Knutsson, Daniel Brehmer, Tuula Koljonen, Patrik Gustafsson, Anna Östman, Jerker Östman, Ewa Dahlén and Simon Sjölund.



Selected publications