About me

I am a senior lecturer in English Studies, with a PhD in English linguistics. I teach courses within this realm, including grammar, general linguistic approaches, social and regional variation, corpus linguistics, and translation. I have also taught language-proficiency courses, and regularly supervise and examine student essays and degree projects on communication, EFL/ESL, and most topics related to English linguistics.

Since the spring 2012, I’m the so-called Head of English Studies ('ämnesföreträdare i engelska') at Mälardalen University. I also have the overall coordinating responsibility for some of the courses in English Studies at Mälardalen University.

In the past decade, I have spent varying percentages of my working time as an in-house translator (mostly Swedish-English) and language reviewer (mostly English), focusing on university-related documents such as internal and external news items, rules and regulations, course syllabuses and guidelines, as well as research publications.

Since my doctoral studies, I still occasionally investigate (screen) translation and humour on a small scale, though my research activities and interests have increasingly come to be dominated by language teaching and learning, EFL/ESL, classroom communication, etc. (See the 'research' page for my research background and publications.)