Language Studies and Comparative Literature including Subject Didactics (SOLD)

In the research environment of Language Studies and Comparative Literature including Subject Didactics (SOLD), we apply a perspective which is both subject-oriented and didactics-oriented on Language Studies and Comparative Literature. The SOLD seminar series constitute a focal point with the aim of promoting research in the humanities and subject didactics. Research is done in several research groups across the subjects of English, Comparative Literature, Swedish, Swedish as a Second Language, and German. The Research Leader is Eva Sundgren

Applied language studies research includes a broad spectrum of research areas, for instance conversation research, multilingualism, translation, as well as language and gender. Applied language research also involves research with a focus on subject didactics, for instance on academic writing .

The extended recruitment, as it is called, to higher education studies means that teachers must make different decisions regarding didactics compared to earlier and to a greater extent problematise and reassess the content of their teaching. School activities are also impacted by the rapid ongoing changes in society. Language plays central role in this development. The research that is done in SOLD can contribute perspective, clarification and understanding to this process.

Subject didactics research in the humanities plays a major part in the development of teaching in higher education and schools. The research is directed towards teaching and learning in language and literature and the role of language in teaching and learning in higher education and schools, which also creates openings for interdisciplinary cooperation.