Research Environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

The School of Education, Culture and Communication (UKK) is conducting nationally and internationally established research in the subject Mathematics/Applied mathematics.

The research environment in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MAM) at The School of Education, Culture and Communication (UKK) is a strong research environment both nationally and internationally which has the main responsibility for research and doctoral studies within the subject Mathematics/Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen university.

At Mälardalen university Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MAM) constitute research base for all education within the main area Mathematics/Applied mathematics, for Engineering and for Economics fields of study, as well as contributing to all established research areas and other academies at Mälardalen university through interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation within research, research education and undergraduate studies.

The research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics consists of four research groups:

  • Stochastic processes, Statistics and Financial Engineering,
  • Discrete mathematics and modelling of behaviour and culture,
  • Engineering Mathematics,
  • Algebra and Analysis with Applications

conducting research and education in Mathematics and its applications.

Website of the subject of Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

presents the research, research education, undergraduate education, seminars and events and other information on the Subject of Mathematics/Applied mathematics at Mälardalen University

The research leader of the research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics MAM (MTM) is

Professor Dr. Sergei Silvestrov